Proposed Broome Boating Facility at Entrance Point

About the Broome Boating Facility

The development of a new boating facility in Broome has long been considered as essential to address critical safety and access difficulties particularly associated with boat launching and retrieval and passenger transfer between vessels and shore. Large tides, strong currents, wind and waves can at times create hazardous conditions at the existing exposed beaches and boat ramps where conditions can change very quickly.

The concept designs propose

  • The development of a boating facility at Entrance Point.
  • The inclusion of four ramp lanes and two floating jetties.
  • Sheltering arms adjacent to the ramp and a detached offshore breakwater to screen larger waves.
  • A boat ramp toe at approximately +0.5m chart datum which will provide close to all tide access for small draft vessels.
  • No dredging is required as part of the construction works.
  • 160 trailer parking bays provided onsite, meeting the Australian Standard for a regional launching facility.

Community Survey

The recent community consultation on the proposed facility showed support is overwhelmingly positive, with 74% of 1,221 responses either supportive (6%) or highly supportive (68%).

Key outcomes that have been implemented as an outcome from the community consultation include:

  1. Ensuring a compact development footprint whilst retaining the required number of ramp lanes and parking bays
  2. Avoiding impacts to dinosaur trackway sites
  3. Reduction in the size of the offshore breakwater as an outcome of design checks
  4. More landscaping included in parking areas
  5. Beach access provided including a universal beach access site
  6. Impacts to existing rock headlands avoided
  7. Creation of public areas and facilities which are not currently available
  8. Opportunities to include artwork and interpretation in the facility and design

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Project Timeline

18 March-16 April 2020
Broome Boating Facility Community Survey open.
April-August 2020
Refinement of Broome Boating Facility Concept Design and collation of community survey results. Commencement of Business Case.
August 2020
Present refined concept designs and community survey results to the Shire of Broome Ordinary Meeting of Council for consideration.
September 2020 onwards
Finalise Business Case and seek a government funding commitment to construct the Broome Boating Facility.

A special project by

Engaged with
Yawuru PBC have worked with all parties to arrive at the agreed concept design and location